SRINAGAR: the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NHW-44) has been partially restored for one-way traffic after a complete blockage caused by landslides, mudslides, and shooting stones at various points between Nashree and Banihal.

An official said that the focus is on clearing stranded vehicles, and commuters are urgently advised to exercise caution and adhere to lane discipline, particularly in the stretch between Ramban and Banihal.

He added that authorities are actively engaged in clearing operations to ensure the safe passage of vehicles through the region.

Meanwhile, in a fresh update, J&K Traffic Police through its official “X” platform reported on the status of the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NHW-44) at 1615 hrs. Jammu-Srinagar NHW (NH-44) partially restored single way, only stranded vehicles between Nashree and Banihal are being cleared. Commuters are advised to follow lane discipline, drive with cautiously as apprehension of shooting stones between Ramban and Banihal. (KS)


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