SRINAGAR: Rattan Lal Gupta, Provincial President of J&K National Conference, stated on Friday that the government’s attempts to drive transformative changes in the industrial sector of Jammu and Kashmir since 2014 have been notably insufficient. The sector, he claims, is now on ventilators with no visible sincere efforts on the ground by those managing the region.

In a statement to the media fraternity, the senior NC leader argued that despite the prevailing narrative of progress and development touted by those in power, a discerning examination reveals a conspicuous lack of necessary policy initiatives and substantive actions for the region’s industrial growth.

He asserted that, aside from rhetoric, the government has little to offer the people of J&K. The record of establishing new industries in the last decade remains dismal, with no progress in this sector. “The ruling dispensation excels in signing MoUs and making promises, but on the ground, the industry either runs on crutches or ventilators, as no one seems serious about bringing meaningful change,” he said.

“The incentives and GST handling are also pathetic because stakeholders crave refunds, but no one listens to their plight. The industrial ecosystem requires a nuanced and strategic approach, which is missing here to address the unique challenges faced by industries in the Jammu region. Inadequate connectivity, power shortages, and suboptimal logistical support continue to hinder business functioning,” he maintained, adding that bureaucratic red tape and regulatory complexities persist as formidable obstacles.

The Provincial President noted that the NC, as the party of J&K natives, can bring about the desired change and build an industrial ecosystem transforming the current lamentable scenario into a vibrant one.

He emphasised that only this party, with its knowledge of J&K, could realize the desired development, citing past achievements such as developing industrial estates in Gangyal, Bari Brahmana, Samba industrial growth centers, Kathua, Batal Balian Udhampur, Rajouri, and Akhnoor in the region.


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