Kashmiri Students Develop ‘AC Bikers Jacket’, ‘Engine Immobilizer’

Mohammad Raafi


Anis Mushtaq Shah, Ansar Hussain Lone, Tawseef Nazir Bhat, Roohul Abass Pandith,
Anis Mushtaq Shah, Ansar Hussain Lone, Tawseef Nazir Bhat, Roohul Abbas Pandith.

A group of four mechanical engineering Kashmiri students have developed an air-conditioned biker’s jacket that will keep the user cool or warm, according to the weather.

The model is on display at the Auto Expo in Greater Noida.

Anis Mushtaq Shah, Ansar Husaain Lone, Tawseef Nazir Bhat, Roohul Abass Pandith all fourth-year students of Mechanical Engineering at Greater Noida’s Sharda University have developed the Jacket.

AC Bikers Jacket
AC Bikers Jacket

Anis Mushtaq while talking to Kashmir Life said, “It is fitted with a cooling unit, a pump and a battery pack. It can be powered either by the battery pack or by the bike battery itself. All the units are removable and the jacket is easily washable. The jacket is also shock proof, water proof, wind proof and thermal proof. It is in working condition and currently at display in Auto Expo 2016,” he said.

The Group has besides developed an electronic device which has been developed in such a way that when installed in a car or any vehicle, it sends the owner an sms when the car is started.

Bikers Jacket on display in Auto Expo, Greater Noida
Bikers Jacket on display in Auto Expo, Greater Noida

“Its main function is that if the car is stolen the owner can send sms with unique code to a particular number and car will stop wherever it is. A single SMS breaks the whole circuit of the car and the car will not start until 2nd SMS with code is sent again on the number. The device has been fitted with GPS which can give the location where the vehicle is. So the owner can go and get his or her vehicle back,” they claimed

The group has also developed a turbo-charged bike. “We fitted a turbocharger in a 150cc petrol bike. The turbocharger increases its power and efficiency by 20% each. The main purpose of this project is that we can increase the power and efficiency of bike without increasing its engine size or weight.”

All the three developments were a part of project submitted to Sharda University by the students.


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