KCCI shocked over Bandipora rape incident


The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed shock at the heinous rape of a three-year-old child in Sumbal area of Bandipora District.

Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad, President of the KCC&I, in a statement termed the occurrence of the incident in the Holy Month as an indicator of our society suffering from a moral breakdown resulting from cultural changes and the influence of conflict.

Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad stated that incidents of sexual violence were alien to our culture and had therefore caused widespread angst and consternation in all sections of the society. The conscience of the society has been shaken to its very core. Whereas we have no doubt that we shall ensure justice will be delivered as swiftly as possible in this case, it is also a time for assessing the reasons for the degradation of social values and taking effective countermeasures before our society disintegrates.

Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad also warned elements who were trying to give a sectarian colour to the incident to refrain from mischievous conspiracies aiming at dividing our society.

Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad urged the Hon’ble Governor to announce a Special Fast Track Court for ensuring early punishment of the accused.


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