PDP demands compensation for crop damage due to hailstorm in South Kashmir


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has demanded the governor administration to pay compensation to the farmers whose crops had been damaged due to recent hailstorms in Kund, Devsar.

In a statement issued here, senior PDP leader Mohammad Sartaj Madni  said that the recent hailstorm has wrecked havoc in Kund area of Devsar, damaging crops and orchards at large scale. He said that it is high time for the government to not only compensate the farmers who have incurred huge losses but also come up with a comprehensive road map so that the farming community in the state is financially secured and its crops are insured for future.

Madni said that the farmers affected by the hailstorms should be given proper compensation without further delay as they are passing through a difficult financial condition. He added that last year in November there were immense losses caused to the orchardists due to the untimely snowfall and now this year when spring had arrived, hailstorm wrecked havoc, putting the already aggrieved farmers in dire straits.

He said that the government must come up with a disaster mitigation plan so that in future if any nature’s fury occurs, the farmers aren’t made to suffer and bear the brunt of untimely whiteouts or destructive storms.


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