Long Term Political Void A Major Detrimental Factor In Failure Of Administration In JK: NC

SRINAGAR: National Conference on Monday said the bureaucracy has failed to deliver good governance and development in Jammu and Kashmir thereby resulting in the culture of no accountability and unresponsiveness in administration.

“The long term political void has been a major detrimental factor in the failure of the administration to rise up to its obligations, the delayed response to snow aftermath and widespread unaccountability in hospitals and other vital establishments of the government t in Jammu and Kashmir is a point in case,” said Party’s Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while ruing the abject failure of the administration to rise up to the expectations of the people of J&K.

“Those who need not to be elected by the people may not be accountable at all. The absence of a popular government has impaired the capacity of local administration to take bold steps to help people recover from the impact of two successive lock downs and clampdowns since 2019, and the subsequent weather vagaries. The public trust in the coterie of unrelated officials running the government is low on account of having no stake in the decision-making process.  Besides that, the long-term representation gap has broken the effective two-way mechanism of the communication system between people and government. Such a break off severely affected the public service delivery,” he said.

He said at a time when the entire country is overjoyed over the republic day, the democracy in Jammu and Kashmir has reduced to decision-making process reflecting both centralizations of power and unilateralism with no stake for the people of J&K in the highest decision-making process. “The top-down scenario of administration has not just disenfranchised the people bit it has also cornered the people, who feel unheard of in their own land.”


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