SRINAGAR: Police in Baramulla arrested a man who posed as a CBI officer and found counterfeit ID cards and household items in his possession.

Police Station Kunzer received a written complaint from Farooq Ahmad Wani of Wassun Bangil, detailing a sequence of events involving a group of individuals namely Javeed Ahmed Rather, Anjuman Afreen, Aaqib Ahmad Wani, and Rafeeq Ahmad Wani.

The complainant stated that Javeed Ahmed Rather falsely presented himself as a CBI officer, wielding a counterfeit CBI ID card, and promised to secure a placement for their child at the NDA.

As events unfolded, the accused individuals engaged in theft, stealing various household items, such as a geyser, bedsheet, inverter, CCTV camera, LCD, and other valuables from the complainant’s residence. Additionally, the complainant was allegedly defrauded of a substantial sum of 40 Lac rupees.

A case under the relevant legal sections was registered at Police Station Kunzer, and an investigation was initiated.

Prompt action by the police team from Police Station Kunzer resulted in the arrest of the man impersonating a CBI officer, along with the recovery of counterfeit documents, including the supposed CBI card and some stolen household items found in the accused’s house.


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