SRINAGAR: Vendors under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) staged a protest against authorities, alleging bias and unfair distribution of funds. The protest, led by representatives from Block Herman, highlighted discrepancies in fund allocation compared to neighboring Block Kanjiwullar.

According to the vendors, they had submitted a report for 20 lakh rupees on the directives of concerned officials, mirroring similar actions taken in Block Kanjiwullar. However, while Block Herman received only 14 lakh rupees, Block Kanjiwullar reportedly received a staggering 84 lakh rupees.

The vendors accused authorities of foul play and demanded justice for Block Herman, which they claimed has been consistently overlooked by the government. The protest shed light on longstanding grievances regarding resource allocation and highlighted the need for transparency and fairness in the implementation of MGNREGA programs.

Efforts to reach out to local authorities for comment on the matter were unsuccessful at the time of reporting. However, the protest underscores the urgency for a thorough investigation into the allegations raised by the vendors and the need for accountability in ensuring equitable distribution of resources across all blocks under MGNREGA.


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