SRINAGAR: The 14th edition of the bi-annual bridal extravaganza in Pakistan’s Karachi ended with Kashmiri embroidery patterns, Kashida on Sunday.

The collection was presented by Pakistani fashion designer Sonia Batla titled as ‘Aatish,’ reported Pakistani newspapers. In fashion from two decades, Sonia, known for her distinctive artistic expression through fashion for her distinctive artistic expression came with latest bridals rooted in tradition are inspired by Kashmir’s craft and its famous embroidery based on Kashida patterns, a news outlet of Pakistan reported.

Kashida embroidery is created by using thick colored threads as well as beads to create different patterns. Most Kashida motifs that are used to create this form of embroidery include images inspired by nature such as vines, birds, leaves and flowers and this is one of the defining aspects of this form of embroidery.

Each outfit that was presented, included in the relatively small collection, has taken nearly a year to embroider, Batla was quoted in reports.

Starting from March 31st, the fashion show concluded on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017.

To promote bridal wear industry, this was the 14th edition of the fashion show that is going on from last seven years.

The show consistently held twice a year since its inception in 2010, catering to all things bridal including jewellery and accessories due to its ever increasing popularity has become the preferred and perhaps the number one choice for the budding designers in Pakistan, aiming to showcase and promote their wares locally and internationally, the reports said.


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