‘PM Modi respected our Kashmiri language, not people’, DeM says


Reacting to the statements made by PM, Narendra Modi, during his visit Kashmir visit, Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Monday said that Kashmir is not an issue of development but a denial of the right to self-determination.

In a statement, the spokesperson of DeM, Rifat Fatima, said that instead of lecturing Kashmiris about development, PM Modi should address his people who are dying of hunger and poverty. The PM  Modi should concentrate on addressing the issues of his own country at least some will get food and shelter to live under,” she said.

She said that the resistance against India is not based on the issue of power or under-development. “We believe that If Kashmir had not been a part of India, Jammu and Kashmir would have been one of the most prosperous states of “Pakistan”,” she added.

The spokesman added that during PM’s visit, Modi inaugurated a 330 MW hydel power project (Kishenganga) and it is one among the many resources taken by India so far.

She said that India is exploiting our resources. The control over the waters in Kashmir can prove costly for our Pakistan and is also against the Indus water Treaty and other treaties regarding the distribution of water in the region.

The spokesman further added that Modi’s use of Kashmiri language in the beginning and the end of his speech was a cunning act and people shouldn’t pay attention to such acts, “Modi respected the Kashmiri language but doesn’t respect the people of Kashmir.”


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