Resolution of A Son!

On turning 19 today, Imbisaat Makhdoomi, an engineering student, writes a letter addressed to his father miles away from his home from Kolkata. He resolves to make his dream come true

Imbisat Makhdoomi
Imbisat Makhdoomi

I know you as a person who has always been on my side whether I was in cradle or in school, during day or night, when I was naughty or maturity. Time has changed, years have passed, everything has changed but throughout my life I have seen no change in you!

Your hair might have turned grey, yet I see you as a person I know from my childhood. There has been no change in your love, care and affection. It is simply impossible to estimate, recount or recollect the countless blessings you have blessed me with. Yet I remember my childhood days in your lap. I remember all the excursions and outings with you. I remember how I used to follow you to school.

I don’t forget the moments when you would reserve your food for me. I know you always sacrificed you likings for my favourites. You guaranteed me comfort against your ease. It seems that I easily have been your all time first priority.

I remember how you cared for me in rains when you covered me against winds without caring about your own self. You would face sun to put me into the shade.

How can somebody be so grateful and gracious unless it is you ‘Papa’! I have seen you healing all my pains without summing your gains. I have seen ocean of tears in your eyes running down your bewildered eyes. Those are highly dreadful and heart breaking moments for me.

Your love has cumulatively garnered a passionate and a loyal son. No son can ever repay the glorious benedictions of a father nor can someone equalize the weight of fathers love by giving down thanks from the abyss.

As your son I can juxtapose some good notes with memories, a little thank you with graces. But no matter how hard I try, your love will always supersede my virtue. I would be left short of the words against your every fortune on me. Your highness never made me feel indebted. I have never sought your graciousness as loans, for I may be insolvent before this apprehension.

Yet, I thank you for giving me a firm foundation, guidance and love.

Besides, you have taught me some great ways to live a wonderful and joyous life. You taught me to act tough against tough people and gentle with deserving. Your life has lit up the conscience within me. I would never zip my lips, restrict myself against any hegemony.

You have never restricted me within a boundary instead you have taught me to fly higher amid thunders. I don’t think you believe me but your belief is in your genes inherited to me. I promise to meet up your expectation.

I have passed out a resolution that I would make you sit on the chair of high esteem before it readily accepts me one day. That day will be most beautiful for you, me, and everyone else. I am cherishing for the moment. Yes, I believe in my calibre, my strength.

I am not able to imagine the happiness of that occasion on your face but yes for me it will be a dream come true.

Physically, I might have grown taller but I know that I would never be taller than you as a father, brother or a son. Your attitude, love and compassion are unbelievable.

I will do everything to make your dream come true. Your dream is to see me clambering heights but ‘Papa’ my dream is to make your attributes, much higher and vibrant.

Even if I failed in the adventurous, enthralling journey of my life but I promise that I will be at least a good and noble person. If I can’t infuse new colours to your life yet I won’t let you down any way.

Yes… yes, I won’t die till this romantic dream turns into reality.


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