Sainik Colonies, Pandit Townships Delhi’s Conscious Intrigue, says Comrade Sampath Prakash

Ubeer Naqushbandi


Sampat Prakash on hu8nger strike agains
Sampat Prakash during hunger strike in Srinagar.

Terming the idea of “Sainik colonies and Pandit townships as ill conceived and conscious intrigue” of New Delhi, President J&K Pensioners Welfare Association Sampath Prakash Saturday warned government against any such move.

“If Government proposes any such move, it would be fought tooth and nail by 3.50 lac pensioners,” Prakash said.

He said Kashmir has a rich legacy of 5000 years, where Pandits and Muslims lived amicably.

“Muslims and Pandits together have fought foreign invasions. This move is aimed to create a wedge between the two communities,” he said.

Referring to partition of 1947,  Prakash said,  during creation of India and Pakistan “barbarism” was on display. It was during that time Gandhiji had seen a hope of harmony in Kashmir.

Prakash emphasized on the fact that there is no need for creation of “ghettos”. “Why can’t Government settle Pandits within Muslims, it’s not a big deal for Government when they can afford to give loan of 9000 Crores to corporate defaulters?”

“The notion that Muslims made Pandits flee from valley in 90’s is absolutely false,” Prakash emphasized.

He further said that Muslims in fact wept and drove vehicles carrying Pandits to Jammu. Terming it a brainchild of Governor Jagmohan Raina, Prakash said “It was because of his notorious Frozen Turbulence that fear psychosis was created in KP’s.”

Castigating recent remarks of “Pigeon and Cat” by CM Mehbooba Mufti, Prakash said “ Nagpur ideology is being implemented to destroy strong fabric called Kashmiriyat.”


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