Saving GRACE

Imbisaat Makhdoomi

Imbisaat-MakhdoomiMei kya bolun yaar!” I really have no words to condole the National Conference and Mr Omar Abdullah for the historic loss they ever faced. There was an era of September 1951, when all the 75 seats of the constituent assembly of Jammu and Kashmir were won by the National conference. In that era the party was heartily supported. Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah, its patron was ruling hearts but not the lands of Kashmir then. But soon after exponential start of the party it could hardly manage as well as maintain the basic manifesto rather the cause for which Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah had organised it. Then came the time, after late 90s, when the same National Conference could hardly manage to form government single handedly without support of Congress or other small parties. Thus, if history is traced back it can easily be reported with authentication that party has passed through ups and downs all over its career. Now came year 2014 when people showed zero faith in the party in Lok Sabha elections. Omar Abdullah led government is keeping no stone unturned to maintain their vote share in upcoming assembly elections.

Mei kya bolun yaar,” people are much aware about the party now. There is no MUFTI wave in Kashmir but certainly there is a wave full of hatred against National Conference propagating at much faster rate.

The reason is quite simple as well as obvious. Omar has failed to deliver his manifesto. His promises and castles in air have only struck to air. Hope Omar Abdullah remembers the headline: “AFSPA HAS TO GO IN HIS REIGN”. Can a common Kashmiri student like me still wait for a miracle to happen within the last months of Mr Omar or have we been fooled or cheated? Revoking AFSPA was prime concern raised by Omar during election campaign back in 2008 and now I think he will end up with the revoking of ban on Short Messaging Services (SMS), which was banned upon his orders.

Once he said revoking ban on SMS was not in his hands and only a night after people out shunned him, he pretended to report grievances of public by revoking the ban. This act of Omar is unveiling a new type of politics. At first, he hurt the conscience of people at the start of his term and in the end of his tenure he is aiding it. Is not it dirty politics? Omar is a great man if he is actually what he pretend to be like. People are not fools; they can feel every time they are fooled.

Pride always hath a fall and it must be a lesson for National Conference. Main stream opposition, though unpredictable, too are directly getting advantages from the declination of Omar led National Conference. Omar was predicted to be filled with enthusiasm before elections but prediction remained undelivered throughout his tenure. Though I consider Omar as the best ‘solider’ of his party but unfortunately he came up with the same metal. If he had not been arrogant, 16th May would have been altogether different. His enthusiasm to bounce back in assembly elections is quite encouraging but he would have won a million hearts if he would have worked with same enthusiasm in last five years. Does it mean that he is much worried about the future of his party than the future of Kashmir? Or every time Kashmiris have to show him door so as to get their basic demands met? He would have to shift his politics from sleep too active. If ever he got another opportunity, he must work for the cause he is supposed to. He must deliver his manifesto. He must make few promises he think he can fulfil because people have woken up. People remember pre-poll promises and wait silently to check if promises made by them are met. On 2008, 2010 killings, he is still helpless. He could not even dare rein over CRPF. He could not bring the killers of Tufail Matto and hundred others to the stage, as if it was beyond his power. His silence over these killings casts doubt over his real career.

If a politician like Farooq Abdullah can’t respect Kashmiris, how can he ask for their votes? Farooq’s Maha Choor comment regarding Kashmiris is still fresh in our memories.

The same Maha Choors chose ballot to vent their anger. And how nicely they did it!


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