Shah applauds south Kashmir on poll boycott

KL Report


Applauding the people of south Kashmir for boycotting so-called elections senior Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir (HCJK) leader Shabir Ahmad Shah expressed heartfelt thanks to them.

According to a statement issued to KNS: “By boycotting the so-called polls, the people of south Kashmir have expressed their full veneration to the blood of martyrs and loyalty to their pious mission which made it clear that the people of Kashmir want nothing less than freedom from the Indian illegal occupation,” Shah said adding, the people of Kashmir consider voting as a tool to strengthen the forcible occupation of India.

Shah said that prior to polling; the so-called administration had forced the people of south Kashmir to participate in polls and had kept hundreds of youth in police stations by illegally arresting them from the length and breadth of the district. “When people responded to police highhandedness with sky raising pro-freedom slogans, they had to face the brunt of tear gas shelling and sabotaging of their properties. The so-called election drama is a kind of army oppression and we severely condemn it to the fullest,” Shah said.

Appealing people to boycott the elections scheduled on April 30 and May 7, Shah said the figures of poll results which government shows are misleading. “The people showed India what they want and exposed them fully. The puppets of India should also bear in mind that they cannot mislead the world community people for long and that the people of Kashmir want the issue to be resolved either through implementation of UN resolutions or through tripartite talks,” Shah said.

Shah also condemned the unjustifiable arrests of pro-freedom leaders. Meanwhile, the Hurriyat spokesperson strongly condemned the continuous house arrest of its senior leaders Shabir Ahmad Shah and Nayeem Ahmad Khan and the continuous detention of Mushtaq ul Islam.


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