SRINAGAR: Rattan Lal Gupta, Provincial President of the J&K National Conference, has asserted today that the BJP government at the Centre has plunged Jammu and Kashmir into unprecedented political uncertainty due to its inability to maintain law and order in the Union Territory and restore democracy.

In response to a statement by the General Secretary of the BJP that “Jammu and Kashmir is scripting a new narrative of development day by day,” the senior NC leader sharply criticized the governments at the Centre and UT for their failure to ensure the safety and security of Jammu and Kashmir’s citizens and police personnel.

He drew attention to the rise in targeted killings and consistent attacks on the police and civilians, highlighting the significant gap between the BJP leadership’s claims of ‘normalcy’ in J&K and the actual situation on the ground.

The Provincial President stated that the BJP leadership’s fear of a poor performance in upcoming elections is causing them to offer baseless excuses for delaying the polls. He stressed that the BJP’s reluctance is not just strategic but a clear neglect of democratic governance principles. Furthermore, statehood is a fundamental right of every J&K citizen and must be promptly reinstated. He believes that the call for statehood resonates strongly among the people.

Correcting the BJP leader regarding the DDC polls in 2020, Rattan Lal Gupta reminded the BJP leadership that the Alliance led by the National Conference had secured 112 seats in 2020, whereas the BJP had won only 75 seats. In Kashmir, the BJP managed only 3 seats in the DDC election out of 140.

The senior NC leader claimed that the Modi government has not only failed to eliminate corruption but has also witnessed a significant increase in corruption in Jammu and Kashmir under its regime. “The corruption situation is evident from the case of IAS Officer Ashok Parmar, who exposed widespread corruption in the Jal Shakti Department,” he added.

Addressing claims of the Modi Government’s achievements by the BJP leader, Rattan Lal said that the Modi Government’s real accomplishments include dividing the Dogra State into two parts, increasing unemployment, inflation, recruitment scams, and selective killings. He criticized the central government for its limited measures, such as profiting from the sale of government office scrap and earning Rs 500 crores, thus boosting the country’s economic condition.

Rattan Lal reaffirmed his dedication to the well-being of Jammu and Kashmir’s inhabitants, asserting that only the NC can meet the area’s expectations. He vowed to keep advocating for their rights and striving to re-establish democracy in the region.


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