SRINAGAR: Following heavy rainfall in Kashmir, water levels at Ram Munshi Bagh and Pampore gauges have risen to the flood declaration mark. However, authorities reassure the public that the situation is under control and there’s no need to panic.

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When Jhelum, Kashmir’s main river swells up, it looks like this. The photograph was taken on June 22, 2022, after three days of rain and minor snowfall over the upper reaches of South Kashmir. The river was flowing above the danger mark. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur

Chief Engineer of the Irrigation and Flood Control (I&FC) Department Kashmir, Naresh Kumar, stated that while the water level in the central part of the Jhelum River is currently rising, it is expected to recede within the next two hours. Kumar emphasised that the peak water volume from the southern region has already reached the central water bodies, indicating a subsequent decrease in water levels.

At 10 am, the water level at Ram Munshi Bagh gauge was 18.22 ft, which is slightly higher than the level when the flood was declared. The level measured at Pampore was at 4.98 meters, a few notches up the mark. The level at all other spots in north and south Kashmir is still below the flood declaration mark. The levels have been increasing for the last 48 hours but are likely to fall now.

The gauge level at Sangam, in south Kashmir, has fallen from 18.65 ft at 9 am to 18.35 ft at 10 am. This is indicative of the dwindling trend in the water discharge.

Parts of Kulgam and Kupwara witnessed floods and the authorities have pressed the entire machinery to service to ensure the people are helped. A vast belt in Handwara is facing a serious crisis as the Pohru rivulet drains waters much more than its capacity.

Data from the I&FC department in Kashmir shows that despite the upward trend in water levels at Pampore and Ram Munshi Bagh, readings at Sangam in South Kashmir have begun to recede. Meteorological officials have also noted an improvement in weather conditions, with forecasts indicating generally cloudy skies and intermittent light rain spells.

While cautioning about possible hailstorms in certain areas, the Meteorological Department assures that the situation is being closely monitored. Officials urge residents to remain calm and vigilant, as measures are in place to manage the situation effectively.


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