by Nomaan Farooqi

Moulana Sayeed Ahmad Farooqi

Of Kashmir luminaries who have left indelible imprints, Moulana Molvi Sayeed Ahmad Farooqi, the Imam and Khateeb of Dargah-Hazratbal, Srinagar, shines as a radiant beacon of wisdom, unity, and unwavering devotion. Amidst the ethereal beauty of the Kashmir, the shrine not only provided him sanctuary but also gave him a platform where teachings blossomed.

From his earliest years, his intellectual journey was deeply rooted in diverse Islamic seminaries, guided by esteemed scholars and mentors. This foundational knowledge was honed at University of Kashmir, culminating in his achievement as a Molvi Fazil. Moulana Farooqi displayed an unshakable passion for the Arabic language, the very heart of Islamic teachings.

Alongside Arabic, his mastery of Persian, Urdu, and Kashmiri languages showcased his extraordinary linguistic prowess and cultural depth. His exploration of the vast ocean of Islamic scholarship was profound; he delved into the intricate sciences of Shariah, encompassing jurisprudence, theology, Hadith studies, and Quranic exegesis. Beyond academics, his proficiency in Qirat was exceptional. The melodious cadence of his voice, combined with his flawless recitation of the Holy Quran, held an otherworldly quality, captivating listeners and drawing them closer to the divine presence.

His naats were mesmerising. Delivered in his captivating voice, each verse resonated with love, reverence, and devotion for the Prophet, invoking profound spiritual emotions among his audience.

His foundation was strengthened by his father, Moulana Ghulam Ahmad Farooqi. Recognising the potential in his son, the elder Farooqi prepared him to carry the responsibilities of the Mansab. This grooming was so profound that Moulana Farooqi, still in his teens, commenced his Imamat, a testament to the trust and faith placed in him by his mentor and father.

In an era dominated by self-promotion, Moulana Farooqi’s simplicity was a breath of fresh air. He shunned the limelight, choosing to serve the Almighty without the distractions of acclaim. This humility defined his character and teachings. He ardently believed in the virtues of simplicity, a principle he not only practised but passionately preached.

His commitment to peace and unity remained unwavering. In a world marked by discord, his voice consistently echoed the virtues of unity among the Ummah. In the politically charged atmosphere of Kashmir, his teachings were a beacon of hope, emphasising the peace at the core of Islam.

The sudden departure of Moulana left a void in countless hearts. The streets of Hazratbal, and indeed the entire Kashmir, were flooded with tears as both young and old grappled with the enormity of their loss. His funeral witnessed an outpouring of grief and reverence, with thousands from across the region converging to bid their final farewells.

(The author is the son of late Moulana Farooqi. The ideas are personal)


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