Cat is out of the bag, finally: Mirwaiz


Srinagar: Chairman of his faction of Hurriyat, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday while reacting to statement of RSS leader Ram Madhav said “finally the cat is out of the bag”

Barred from offering prayers at Srinagar’s Jamia Masjid for seventh consecutive Friday, Mirwaiz said “BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav condoning and complimenting the army for using a civilian as a human shield atop an army vehicle and parading him around in utter contempt for him as a human being reflects the BJP /RSS mindset and approach towards the people of Kashmir.”

Lashing out at PDP-BJP government, Mirwaiz said “Mr Madhav justification of this inhuman act as everything being fair in love and war finally is an open admission by the Govt of India that it considers itself at war with the people of Kashmir and will treat Kashmiris as such.”

Mirwaiz said that while we have been bearing the brunt of this policy towards Kashmiris for the past 30 years in particular, “Madhav’s admission should be an eye opener for the world community of what GOI attitude towards the people of Kashmir is and how it sees them.”

“It is shocking that a country which prides itself of being the world’s largest democracy and flaunts its democratic credentials world over, brazenly endorses using violence and armed repression through its massive military might against an unarmed civilian population for demanding a basic democratic right of deciding its fate,” he said.

Mirwaiz said the statements made by Madhav and his colleagues like Ganga are also aimed at poisoning the public opinion in India against the people of Kashmir by portraying Kashmiris as radicals and fanatics who have to be tamed with bullets and pellets ,in the “national interest ” of India ,while exploiting this narrative to expand its vote bank across India.
Mirwaiz said it is clear that since the dispensation in New Delhi does not want to resolve the dispute in and over Kashmir but maintain the status quo, “it can do so only by using its armed forces as an instrument of coercion and control over the disputed territory and its people, so it has to keep their morale high by justifying anything they do use the armed forces for serving their political end.”

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