10th exams over, students take a sigh of relief


After writing their last paper the students of class 10th were seen blooming with happiness as they took a sigh of relief outside their examination centers on Thursday. Warm smiles and shrugged shoulders of children eased the parents waiting for them.

Inside view of an examination centre. KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

Dayim Bhat, a student who couldn’t control his contentment for even a while, was extremely happy. Exclaiming with satisfaction, Dayim said, “We had almost completed our syllabus in school. The timing of the exam was perfect for me, as we got a good number of preparatory holidays. The paper was comparatively easier though the pattern wasn’t any different from the previous years. As for the concession in the syllabus, we had to attempt everything. There was no relaxation at all. My examination Centre, which was Burn hall school, had a decent heating system and lighting for the students.”

With the matriculation exams over, almost 64,000 students feel relieved and free of pressure. In 2019, exams were different as the Valley was under restrictions from last more than 100 days after the abrogation of special status of the Jammu and Kashmir State and its division into two union territories. All the schools, colleges and universities remained shut since August 05. So far the annual examinations were held for class 10th and 12th only, and the rest of the school students have already been promoted to the next classes after getting evaluated on the basis of their previous performances or the assignments.

Farhana, a class 10th student of Iqbal high school, Soura, said, “Our school’s tradition is to brief the children at the time of exams, discuss questions with them and make them ready for the exams but this year, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible because of the strike. However, we got through the exams well. The papers were not very difficult but do able. I feel extremely offloaded and will have a sound sleep tonight.”

Unaffected by the cold and the unpredictability in Kashmir, the students have prepared well by themselves. The schools were shut as was the internet. There was total despair, but the students said they still managed not to disappoint both themselves and their parents.

Sheikh Numaan’s parents aren’t expecting any less from him, he is a bright student aiming to score high. But, the worry of practical exams bothers him. He said, “We haven’t done all practical at the school but the practical exams stand as per every year’s schedule. Apart from this minuscule fret, I am extremely happy because the long-awaited exams are finally over and I will look forward to having my leisure time.”

A Costly Recess

In Kashmir, matriculation is a very important part of one’s life. It is considered as a significant maiden achievement of a student. This valuable qualification is remembered with nostalgia by Nabla Akhtar. Nabla is a graduate from Kashmir’s premium institution Women’s college.

While recalling her tenth-grade result, her facial expressions reflect a mix of emotions. “My parents were very strict. I was too worried about my results. In those olden days, the results were announced on radios. So, my parents rushed to get word of my hard work. Returning with huge smiles on their faces, they congratulated me with countless hugs.”


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