SRINAGAR:  In yet another significant development, the authorities Friday announced that the Ashoora (10th Muharram) procession will be allowed to pass from Botakadal, Lal bazar to Imambara in Zadibal while the traffic department issued an advisory for the smooth flow of traffic.

“Ashoora procession will be allowed through traditional routes of the city tomorrow (10th Muharram). Elaborate arrangements have been made to ensure smooth passage of mourners who will participate in the Ashoora procession,” an official said.

Ashoora marks the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who was martyred in Karbala, Iraq some 1400 years ago along with his family members and companions.

Meanwhile, to ensure smooth flow of traffic, the traffic department issued an advisory for Ashoora. According to the advisory, the Youm-e-Ashoora will be observed on 10th Muharram (29th July-2023).

“The main Zuljinah procession shall be taken out from Bota Kadal up to main Imambara Zadibal, which effects traffic movement in Zadibal and adjacent areas,” it reads, adding that “In order to have smooth movement of traffic and for convenience of general public/motorists, the following traffic advisory is issued: Traffic moving towards Zadibal will be diverted at Firdous Cinema, Mill Stop, Lal Bazar, Bota Kadal & Chattipadshahi.”

It further states that  “Motorists intending to go towards Soura from Lal Chowk or vice versa shall adopt Dr. Ali Jan Road and Motorists moving towards Lal Chowk from Zakoora or vice versa shall adopt Foreshore Road.”

“The vehicles coming from Gojwara towards Zadibal will be diverted at Firdous Cinema towards Dr. Ali Jan road via Sazgaripora and the vehicles coming towards Badamwari from Lal Chowk via Rainawari will be diverted at Chatipadshahi towards Kathidarwaza,” the advisory further reads adding that “motorists from the Lal Bazar area will use the Kanitar-Hazratbal-Foreshore road. The General Public is requested to kindly avoid unnecessary movement towards the areas where Youm-e-Ashoora processions are being taken out to avoid any inconvenience.”—(KNO)


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