by Hashim Bilal

SRINAGAR: In the realm of civil engineering, Professor Danish Ahmad stands as an exemplary figure, pioneering practical and affordable solutions to address real-world challenges. He has 18 innovations to his credit and five of them are patented.

Graduating from REC Institute in 1983, he currently holds the position of Associate Professor in Civil Engineering, showcasing a career marked by innovation and dedication.

Danish’s diverse range of inventions includes a modified low-cost solar water purifier, a solution inspired by historical sailor practices, providing households and travelers with a cost-effective method to purify water during emergencies or shortages. His innovation list is too long which includes modified low cost solar water purifier, low cost gas vent for LPG heaters, potable low cost instant water filter, low cost atmospheric water extractor, solar water cooler for remote areas, portable energy saver heating device, cheap heavy duty electronic lock, portable solar water heater, walking stick mobile charging assembly, portable low cost instant liquid cooler, remote controlled portable air conditioner, microwave sensor based earthquake alarm, electronic sound controlled flower vase and four-digit very low cost electronic lock.

Starting with water solutions, Professor Danish explains that his solar water purifier draws inspiration from historical sailor practices of purifying seawater. This innovation caters to households and travelers, offering a low-cost method to purify water during emergencies, ensuring access to clean drinking water. The instant water filter, designed for travel emergencies, efficiently purifies muddy water, providing a practical and portable solution for travelers and hikers facing uncertain water sources.

Addressing the discomfort caused by traditional LPG heaters during Kashmir’s harsh winters, Professor Danish introduces a modified chimney and bukhari. These innovations eliminate gas emissions, enhancing heating efficiency and ensuring a more effective heating system. The electric fire pot, operating on electricity, provides an alternative for conventional fire pots used in Kashmir, contributing to sustainability and accessibility during winter.

Professor Danish’s solar water cooler, operating without electricity, charges batteries through solar energy during the day and cools water at night. This innovation provides a cost-efficient solution for remote areas facing electricity shortages. The portable solar water heaters offer an alternative during electricity crises in Kashmir’s winters, leveraging renewable energy to provide essential services and contributing to sustainability.

For emergency situations, Professor Danish introduces a mobile charging stick, simplifying phone charging for senior citizens and addressing the needs of hikers who find conventional charging methods challenging during hiking. The microwave-based earthquake alarm detects slight movements, triggering an alert during seismic activity, enhancing safety and awareness in earthquake-prone areas.

Professor Danish’s work on security solutions includes an affordable combination lock system designed to address the security needs of the underprivileged. This cost-effective alternative ensures that everyone, regardless of financial means, can secure their belongings.

Danish Ahmad’s innovative engineering not only provides practical solutions to pressing challenges but also contributes to sustainability, accessibility, and safety. His commitment to addressing the diverse needs of communities, especially in regions like Kashmir, showcases the transformative power of engineering for societal well-being.


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