Saima Bhat

October 9, 2012


The state government informed the legislative assembly Tuesday that 139 cases were disposed off by the reconstituted state accountability commission out of total 462 cases pending before it.

“As on Aug 21, 2011, 324 are pending disposal. In addition, 284 cases were transferred to the vigilance commission and 139 cases were disposed off since Aug 21, 2011,” the government informed the assembly.

The government also revealed that 59 cases of corruption against KAS and IAS officers in the state were pending disposal up to Sept 15, 2012, against whom the vigilance organization had registered FIRs and the cases were sent for prosecution sanction. The prosecution has been granted in 40 cases and prosecution of 15 cases has been declined. In two cases, the challan is yet to be presented; one case has been referred to GOI, and one case has been quashed by the High court of the state.

Out of the filled 59 corruption cases, the status of only 48 cases was presented in the assembly today. Among them, eight are retired officers, three have been shown as private persons and rest 37 members are still enjoying their officer posts.

While the Srinagar wing of the commission registered 71 complaints, the Jammu saw 64 complaints filed between Aug 21, 2011 and Oct 6, 2012. The Jammu and Kashmir accountability commission was established on a bill passed in 2002 to inquire into the grievances and allegations against public functionaries. The commission has special powers that it can hear complaints against Chief Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, members of the legislative assembly, the chairman or the deputy chairman of the legislative council, advisor to CM, Governor, and person with the status of minister and the persons appointed by the government as chairman as well.

The commission established was re-constituted in August 2011 and the new commission has now put details of only those disposed off cases on the table of house which were disposed after August 21.


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