Syed Bashir apologizes in the Assembly

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) legislator, Syed Bashir who slapped an Assembly marshal on Wednesday apologized in the house on Thursday.

Syed Bashir, who represents the south Kashmir Rajpura constituency, said in the assembly that he did not intend to insult or injure any official of the state assembly.

“What happened was totally unintended and momentary. If somebody’s sentiment has been hurt by my action, or if the dignity of the august house was undermined by my unintentional action, I tender my apology,” Syed Bashir said.

Speaker Mubarak Gul had ordered the assembly marshals to remove Syed Bashir, who was shouting, for disrupting the proceedings of the house. While the marshals were physically removing him, Bashir slapped one of them, creating an ugly scene in the house.


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