SRINAGAR: The administration of Jammu and Kashmir has ordered release of withheld salaries of the employees, who couldn’t register themselves on the JKHRMS due to non-availability of initial appointment order.

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An order issued in this regard reads that the salaries should be released in favour of these employees after verification by the concerned Head of Departments in every single case.

An order issued by Sanjeev Verma, Commissioner Secretary to the Government, reads that “With a view to streamline the Human Resource Management System across various departments of Jammu and Kashmir, detailed instructions regarding up dation of service details on JKHRMS by the employees and their subsequent verification by concerned DDOs were 35-JK(GAD) of 2022 dated 12.10.2022 read with Circular No. 40 dated 28.10.2022. Pursuant to these instructions respect of those employees, who did not register themselves on the JKHRMS system due to non-availability of initial appointment order.”

The matter regarding non-disbursement of salaries in respect of those employees in whose case the initial appointment order was not traceable/missing, has been thoroughly examined in the General Administration Department. After consideration of the matter, it is enjoined upon all the Administrative Departments to release the salary of the officials, for the present, in whose cases the first initial appointment orders are not available, after verification by the concerned HoD in every single case, it reads.

The Service Book has been properly maintained with attestation of the Competent Attesting Authority and the service has been duly verified. The entry of the first appointment has been made in the service book under the attestation of the Competent Attesting Authority, it adds.

“All the entries regarding transfers and promotions have been duly entered in the service book and are tallied with the promotion orders and transfer orders. Certified copy of initial pay and drawl from pay Government of Jammu and Kashmir General Administration Department Civil Secretariat, Jammu,” the order reads.

However, it shall be incumbent upon the concerned HoD to place on record within a period of next 03 months. The Select list issued by the J&K Service Selection Board or J&K Public Service Commission which contains the name of the official as having been duly selected, it further reads.

The copy of the advertisement issued by the concerned recruitment agency against which recruitment process was carried out and notification/recommendation of J&K Service Selection Board/J&K Public Service Commission recommending the appointment of the concerned, the order reads.

Such record shall be duly uploaded by the concerned DDO on the HRM portal within a period of 3 months from the date of issuance of this circular. The Administrative Departments shall submit the consolidated information to the General Administration Department for further course of action, the order reads.


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