Advisors, CS meet Governor Malik


Immediately after assuming office, Governor convened the first official meeting with his Advisors, BB Vyas, K Vijay Kumar and Khurshid Ahmad Ganai and Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam at Raj Bhavan on Thursday afternoon and took first-hand appraisal of the functioning of Governor’s Administration.

“To ensure a tangible turnaround, Governor enumerated the measures to be taken to give a fresh push to the “Mission on Delivering Development” and “Mission on Good Governance”. He said the state administration shall have to function with efficiency, speed and accountability and deliver quick results on the ground on developmental and governance fronts. He said the Grievance Redressal mechanism shall have to be further strengthened and expanded to ensure that people see the desired results on the ground within the shortest possible time,” reads the official statement.

“Focus has to be on working through transparency and consultation to promote a culture of excellence in governance characterized by integrity and highest standards of deliverance,” he said and added that judicious and productive use of resources has to be ensured so that the funds are utilized according to priorities keeping in mind the larger public good and requirement of basic amenities.

The spokesperson said that the Governor has said a clear message shall have to go down the line that the focus should be on development on all fronts and reaching out to the people to meet their basic needs. He prioritized the health, education, rural development and social welfare sectors for focussed attention.

Governor has also called for ensuring that the major development programs and projects and flagship schemes are given a renewed push and completed on time. PMDP projects must be given priority so that projects such as AIIMSs, IIT, IIM, Ring Roads and others are completed on time. Cleaning up the iconic Dal Lake must also be given topmost priority and the lake should be restored to its pristine glory. He said completing all such projects which are hanging fire for quite some time due to varied reasons should be the priority and these projects must be completed within a set timeframe.

Governor has also called for expanding the scope and import of the Grievance Redressal mechanism. He has said grievance redressal should not be limited to the capital cities of Srinagar and Jammu alone.

Governor has directed that District Grievance Cells should be urgently opened in all districts under the supervision of Deputy Commissioners. “The concerned Deputy Commissioners will personally hear grievances at least once a week,” he ordered.

Governor also asked the officers to expand their public outreach by conducting frequent field visits and meeting the people on ground in every nook and corner of the State to redress their grievances.


Earlier today SP Malik took oath as the 13th Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. The state is presently under Governor’s rule after the BJP pulled out from its coalition parter PDP in June this year.



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