SRINAGAR:  Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Wednesday said that all the vacant posts of Sanskrit will be filled within one year. He was addressing a gathering on the foundation day of JK Shri Kashi Vidwat Parishad, Jammu.

Responding to demands projected by the various dignitaries present on the occasion, the Lt Governor assured that all the Sanskrit vacant posts would be filled in a year. “It is being ensured that National Education Policy is implemented in letter and spirit, and Indian Philosophy is taught in every university,” he added.

Asserting that Sanskrit has the potential to provide solutions to modern-day challenges, he said, “Sanskrit is the source of ideals and values of our great civilization and it has the potential to provide solutions to modern-day challenges, such as Atharvaveda’s teaching on ecological balance, protecting the environment, living in harmony with nature.”

He said that India has always been considered as a living guide and a vibrant energy field which gave the message of one world, one family and vision to respect all religions, sects and spiritual streams. Ideals of humanism, communal harmony and peace are core of our ancient values.

“The welfare of the world was the prime objective of our sages, saints and mystics. They devoted their entire life to awaken the conscience of the people, foster social reforms and provided a treasure of knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, medicine, literature & arts and enriched the world,” he added.

He called upon the J&K Shri Kashi Vidwat Parishad, various organizations and individuals to further strengthen their efforts for the promotion of Sanskrit and ancient values and said the ancient India was far ahead in comparison to rest of the world in technology and research.

“Amrit Kaal is the period of India’s cultural renaissance. Entire World is watching us. Every citizen must feel proud to be part of this journey and each one of us has equal opportunity to contribute so that our great country can regain its old glory of ‘Vishwa Guru’,” the Lt Governor said.

On the establishment of Sharda University in J&K, the Lt Governor called for preparing a feasible and viable roadmap for the University and assured all the necessary support in this endeavour.

Citizens from different walks of life were felicitated on the occasion for their significant contribution in diverse fields.


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