SRINAGAR: Apni Party President Altaf Bukhari, on Friday, urged Prime Minister Modi to intervene and ensure that the necessary verifications for job applications and passport requests are not hindered on unjustifiable grounds. Bukhari also called upon New Delhi to respond to the peaceful aspirations of the people in Jammu and Kashmir by implementing positive initiatives.

Addressing party convention at Gund Khawaja Qasim village in north Kashmir’s Pattan Bukhari appealed to Prime Minister Modi to intervene for a smooth verification process for job and passport aspirants.

“The verifications for job and passport seekers are being hindered simply because some relative of the applicant was involved in some years or even decades ago. I request Prime Minister to intervene and ensure that verifications are not hindered on unnecessary grounds. People in Jammu and Kashmir have been contributing to peace and normalcy, realizing that peace has tremendous dividends in terms of prosperity and development. Therefore, New Delhi must reciprocate the peaceful aspirations of the people by initiating positive measures here,” he pleaded.

Apni Party leader urged people to reject the traditional political parties that have been deceiving them for years and decades. “You must tell these deceptive politicians that enough is enough. Don’t allow them to further exploit innocent people through deceptive slogans and fake promises. They have always kept you allured with fake promises for their own political gains.”



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