SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Wednesday said that Article 370 was the root-cause of disparity while the terror-eco system and militancy was strong to the extent that it claimed 45000 lives and left lakhs displaced.

Addressing the Y-20 Consultation meet at Jammu University, LG Sinha said that India has been bearing the brunt of terrorism sponsored by Pakistan.

“Article 370 has been the root-cause of disparity between the regions in J&K. Terrorism claimed 45000 lives and left lakhs of families displaced,” he said.

LG Sinha said that after August 5, 2019, a new J&K is emerging where youth are taking the front role.

Adding further he said narco-terrorism is the biggest challenge where youth and society are being targeted and steps to tackle it are being taken effectively.

He said that the youth are the biggest stakeholders in new JK and every day around 580 are youth become entrepreneurs and leading a change,” LG Sinha said.

Maintaining that every day around 580 young are emerging out as entrepreneurs, LG Sinha said,’ Individual as well as society’s aspiration can be fulfilled only in conditions of peace and young generation is eager to create a peaceful & prosperous present and future for the entire humanity.”

LG Sinha said that India under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi will lead the world to effectively address broader aspects of security challenges that also includes social, political, economic & environmental issues with the spirit of One Earth, One Family, One Future.

The LG said that it was the responsibility of the youth to use their collective strength for development and upliftment of humanity. “With common values, aspirations and commitment of selfless service, the youth will expand the horizons of peace, prosperity, friendship, cooperation and progress,” he said.

Youth power is the strength of Jammu Kashmir and they have dedicated themselves to rejuvenate the society and to drive inclusive development, the Lt Governor said.


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