Avoid Long Queues For Students During Official Visits: DSEK


SRINAGAR: The School Education Department has emphasised that government-run institutions should not disrupt academic hours or jeopardise the mental and emotional well-being of students during the arrival or visits of officials, where students are forced to stand in long queues for receptions.

In a circular issued by Director of School Education Kashmir, Tassaduq Hussain Mir, it has come to notice that whenever an officer visits a school or educational institution, students are made to stand for extended periods in queues on both sides of the pathway, and they are required to wait outside classrooms during any events.

The circular states that the department has also observed the practice of offering visiting officers or guests artificial floral bouquets or garlands made of non-biodegradable materials, which contribute to environmental burdens during disposal.

“During various school functions, substantial expenses are incurred for hospitality and catering arrangements for guests or officers, which do not align with the school’s atmosphere and can lead to feelings of discrimination among students who are not provided with such refreshments during the event,” it reads.

The circular further highlights that when a new officer joins an office or school, the process of welcoming the incumbent with artificial garlands consumes significant time.

“Such practices raise several questions due to their adverse effects on students’ available learning time, disruptions in learning, productivity losses, and negative impacts on students’ self-esteem, mental and emotional health.”

The circular emphasises that institutions should aim to foster an environment where both students and guests feel valued and respected. “Implementing efficient, respectful, and innovative guest reception methods can enhance the overall experience for all involved.”

Additionally, the circular suggests that if there is a need to offer a token of welcome to guests or officers, it can be done with a simple natural flower. Regarding catering, it recommends a simple and modest offering of tea and snacks.

“DSEK urges all department personnel, especially mid-level managers, school heads, and teachers, to abstain from such practices in the future and to maintain modesty during such events,” it added. (KNO)


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