SRINAGAR: Authorities in Baramulla have urged people to refrain from encroaching roads and parking their vehicles on roadsides, saying violators will have to pay a hefty fine of Rs 5000.

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Street vendors, encroachment of roads by shopkeepers by putting merchandise, signboards and wrong parking of vehicles were the main reasons for obstructing public movement besides leading to frequent traffic jams, an official said.

He said they have decided to relocate street vendors of civil lines Baramulla to Tashkan Adda (Kokar Bazar) and General Bus Stand Baramulla.

“Any vendor found with his cart outside these designated areas will be dealt strictly in accordance with law and a fine of Rs 2000 will be imposed on the spot,” the official added.

Meanwhile, an administrative order notifying all the shopkeepers to remove their illegal encroachments of their own besides asked them not to park their vehicles along roadsides as well as bridges to ensure hassle free movement of pedestrians/commuters and to avoid undue traffic jams.

“Any person found violating the orders will be dealt strictly in accordance with the law, which shall include the fine of Rs. 5000,” it said.(KNO)


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