Bird On bOugh!

by Ben

FreelY flying , a bird In gentle air

JOY on colOured wIngs it did wear’

With heaven’s scent in each sphere,it did


Though,if God for it beauty on each bough

did fix’

Jumped it frOm branch to branch’ and

finallY on one branch did sit’ There on

next’with arrow of love was hit’

Saw a bird like what no one ever,it had


Its heart never,to such sweet murder had


But as most often,love forms against own


For love is too Young to understand rule or


It mis’fitted for their communitY so’

That she too a love’lorn said Yes bUt heads

denied with No’

Both plaYing tOgether,to sing a cOmmon


Which bY familY was rejected and

committed wrOng’

Both set seprate as bough from branch


SepratIon’ Of Imbalance lOve is tOken’

Weeping with brOken heart,in nests apart’

TheY claim,whY families tear heart from


Now with lover’s heart and limp watch for

long theY did’nt meet’

To cast love’s spell and kiss with lips sweet’

FinallY, with lOvers fOrtUne theY met On

one pole on two different electric wire’

Loaded chests and hearts burned with

passionate fire’

Their beaks theY locked for a warm kiss’

Wires gOt crossed,their death pleasure of

union did miss’

Then Love fOr long’love seek’xt’

God said,heaven Is thY bed next !

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