SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said that BJP is in an extreme state of panic sensing defeat in the upcoming Parliamentary polls.

This he said while addressing party functionalities here at the party headquarters Nawa-e-Subha, Srinagar. “The closer the Lok Sabha polls come, the frustration and hopelessness of the BJP and its subsidiaries in J&K is becoming visible. They know that their lies are not swaying people. Having done nothing, they are now eying gains from dividing people on ethnic, linguistic and regional lines. However any misstep at this juncture will have far reaching implications that will be born by our future generations. Ask yourselves what have you got since BJP came to power in New Delhi. They denuded us of our identity, our unique character. They snatched our rights, our land resources. Ration quota was decreased and it’s also being withheld now. Beneficiaries of social welfare schemes are being made to beg of whatever little monetary help they used to get. Horticulture, Agriculture and handicrafts sectors are bleeding.”

Lashing out hard at the BJP and its local subsidiaries, Farooq said these political parties do not want a credible voice to reach parliament. “They don’t want Kashmiris to have one voice. They firmly believe that politicians should be produced from every home in Kashmir so as to curb the genuine voice of the people.”

“Our fight is with the divisive forces. We should utilise our power of vote to show such forces as are inimical to our identity in their right place. They will use men, money and machinery to coerce the voters. However, the need of the hour demands us to remain united and vigilant of their machinations. This time we are voting for our identity. Any mistake by us will have serious repercussions for the coming generations of ours,” he said.


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