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How Kashmiris see places outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir and how non-local see Kashmir is the main offering of this section. Occasionally, Kashmiri writers are also requested to write about Kashmir locations and localities.


Jahangir Raina
It may seem an irony that you run from one cold place to another to spend winters. But a winter spent in England is definitely more comfortable than the one spent in Kashmir. Even if you have Hamam back home in Kashmir, there really is no substitute for central heating. I mean real central heating and not a sub-standard one driven by sub-standard electricity.


A Parallel Economy
Off late, parts of south Kashmir have emerged as the main cultivator of poppy. The seeds go into the surging bakery sector and the straw is dried, powdered and sold. It sells like silver and Punjab is apparently the best market for it where it is boiled with water and the brew is drunk.

Special Correspondent

The Whisky Flight

fter Idli Sambar and Masala Dosa, when the gate opened for boarding the budget carrier Jet Lite to Colombo at Chennai’s Anna International Airport, there were not more than 35 passengers in the bus that drove us to the tarmac.

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