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This column features the opinions of individuals who are not part of our newsroom

Hospital Dairies

Irtif Lone No, I am not a doctor. I am just an attendant, who has spent the last week in…

Story of a tourist!

Irtif Lone On a beautiful spring evening I meet this guy at a Coffee Shop. We had met before at…

Changing the Guard!

Irtif Lone On a beautiful morning when the little bird sits on your bedroom window and starts singing the spring…

The process of Undoing!

Irtif Lone Elections were held to crown the 15th Prime Minister of India but it brought along some upheavals in…

Not a story teller!

 Irtif Lone Doubtless, you want me to tell you a story. But let me tell you I am not a…

On a Lighter Note!

Irtif Lone It’s late in the evening and I have just reached home. Day has fallen prey to the night.…

Media run Elections

Irtif Lone This election like many other elections which have happened previously would elect 543 representatives of the Indian state,…

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