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Retrieving The Glory

Handicrafts have been the main movers of Kashmir economy for centuries. The industry has survived through Kashmir’s troublesome history, but…

Special Supplements
Key Developmental Projects

A fast and reliable communication network and ample energy form the backbone of any economy. As such, I have been taking stock of key communication and energy projects from time to time.

Public Finance
2011-12: The Revised Estimates

The total budgetary receipts are placed at Rs 31,022 crore in the Revised Estimates in comparison to the Budget Estimates of Rs 31,212 crore. The total receipts consist of Rs 25,513 crore as revenue receipts and Rs 5,509 crore as capital receipts.

Public Finance
Annual Plan 2012-13

The Planning Commission of India has yet to formally determine the size of the Twelfth Five Year Plan, which, when finalized, will also give us a firm idea about the likely size of our successive annual plans for the coming five years.

Special Supplements
Employment Generation

As the Hon’ble members are fully aware, Sher-e-Kashmir Employement and Welfare Policy for Youth (SKEWPY) is an integrated programme, which helps us in keeping the burning issue of educated unemployment in focus. As of now, the Seed Capital Scheme of ‘SKEWPY’ has resulted into approval to about 1600 DPRs, involving project costs of Rs 118 crore.

Special Supplements
Inclusive Development

Socio-economic development for all is the hallmark of the coalition government, headed by our visionary leader Janab Omar Abdullah Saheb, as also of the Central leadership of Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji and the UPA Chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji.

Special Supplements

Out of the 5,242 two-room tenements, meant for the Kashmiri migrants, 4,876 flats have been completed and the remaining units shall be completed in the current financial year at a total estimated cost of Rs 484 crore.

Special Supplements

Computerization of VAT Administration
The Government is continuing its efforts in making extended use of Information Technology for improving its public interface and for enhancing the transparency and efficiency of the government departments.

Public Finance
Fiscal Initiatives

VAT on food grains
I had apprised the Hon’ble Members last year that several states are charging VAT at rates, ranging from 4% to 5%, on atta, maida, suji, besan, paddy and rice etc. In consideration of last year’s rising food inflation as an All India phenomenon, I had deferred my proposal to bring these items under the VAT net and announced the continuation of exemption from the levy of VAT on these commodities upto 31st March, 2012.

Special Supplements
The Budget In Class Room

Budget of a state has three main parts:
The Consolidated Fund is the source for all the “usual” budgetary transactions whether of capital, revenue or loan nature. State Tax and Non-Tax revenues are entered into the Consolidated Fund and any expenditure which are to be met from the Consolidated Fund must be voted by the State Legislature. Expenditures of ‘Charged’ nature are also met out of the Consolidated Fund.