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The Straight Curve
The Lost Halos

Arshid Malik September 7, 2014. Muddy water gushed into almost every house in Srinagar city, especially the low-lying areas as…

The Straight Curve

Arshid Malik While the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the latter region especially, voted in whatever numbers for a democratically…

The Straight Curve
Muslimizing India

Arshid Malik  Barely five minutes after the Supreme Court of India had dismissed Yaqoob Memon’s final petition and had stuck…

The Straight Curve
A Schizoid Kashmir

Arshid Malik I love to experiment with words, especially turning scientific and technological terms into adaptive versions that apply to…

The Straight Curve

Arshid Malik “Kashmir Imbroglio”, “Kashmir Issue”, The Kashmir Problem”, “Conflict in Kashmir”, “Kashmir Insurgency”, “Militancy in Kashmir”, “The Plebiscite Issue…

The Straight Curve
Fault Lines

Arshid Malik  Underground: Kashmir, geologists say, rests atop a web of active geological faults. The valley, scientists say, “lies on…

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