Class 12 Kashmiri Girl Appointed as an Editor of International Children’s Newspaper

KL Report


Iflah Qureshi, a class 12th girl from Kashmir has been appointed as the editor of an international children’s newspaper ‘The Peace Gong’. As such she has become the first girl to attain the rank as the editor of a global newspaper.197696_10200676890781142_1092589275_n

As per a statement the newspaper was released in Delhi on May 10, 2013, by Zalmai Wafamal. The release of the children’s newspaper was a part of the celebrations of Global Youth Services day.

“Our newspaper, The Peace Gong promotes diversity and helps in facilitating dialogue amongst young people from different cultures and communities. This can be a powerful vehicle to help young people to come together and work for global peace”, said Iflah at the event, in New Delhi.

Apart from Iflah, five other students from the state have contributed to the ‘The peace gong’ , which according to Javed Naqvi, Advisor and Local Mentor, “Is a global children’s newspaper aimed at giving young people a platform to write and develop understanding of issues of social concern. The initiative connects children from Kargil to Kerela and Agartala to Andamans and beyond to contribute for peace and development through writing and reporting.”


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