SRINAGAR: Apni Party president Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari expressed his concerns on Tuesday, accusing the incumbent administration of depriving people of adequate electricity.

He emphasised that it is illegitimate to impose collective punishment on the populace, particularly in the harsh weather conditions prevailing at present.

Speaking to reporters, Bukhari, as per news gathere KNS , accused the J&K administration of withholding sufficient electricity supply during the ongoing winter season.

“The administration is punishing people by not purchasing deficit electricity from outside. As we know, meters are installed, and consumers are paying electricity dues regularly. So, I feel it is injustice with people if they are not being provided adequate electricity supply in the ongoing winter,” Bukhari stated.

“It is illegitimate to give collective punishment to people in winters,” Bukhari added, emphasizing, “The J&K administration should seek more funds from the Centre to make electricity available to the people of J&K.”

It is pertinent to mention that the Kashmir Valley is currently gripped under severe cold, with poor power supply across the length and breadth of J&K. (KNS)


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