Counselor’s Office In Every Educational Institute

By: Suhail Mehraj

Anxiety, helplessness, weak relations and fear of failure are some of the major issues that student community face in today’s era. There could be many other issues and problems affiliated to the students depending on circumstances of the place where they live. About the nature of political structure, the place holds and its student friendly policies.


Due to the apathy of political structure and the civil society, students have discovered some options as a part of remedy to their problems. This has altogether made us hostage. They get in contact of drugs. Actually they try to build a new space in a make-belief world as they no longer consider themselves part of our world.

They are trying to develop an audience ready to listen to them. And yes of course they give a good thought, because we never tried to know, we never brother ourselves for their cause. We never offered space to them. I have found this very common in our valley we abhor and abjure relations when we find anyone is a drug addict. Like all the parents ask their children to remain out of the bond of such children who are feeling disconnected. Abjuring participation with such children, it’s not going to help us out. Better would have been if we had placed him early. It would have saved whole locality. Same is the case here. No doubt that there are thousands of forces, pushing our students to cling such despicable ways. But it’s only possible to pulverize such forces. When there would rise a mutual cooperation between Civil Society and Govt. It happens very less to see any of our religious preacher holding meetings and talks with such students. They need to hold more acquaintances with the students to know more about their problems, and exploring possible options.

Counselor in our educational institutes

It is very unfortunate that although we adopted all the themes of present era in the structure of our society and its organization. But we as a society and at the end of management of educational institutes have failed to have a counselor’s seat in every school, college and university. I believe that counselor’s seat would tackle all the issues related to the student community. It would offer theme free space and an unconditional friend to reach out to them. Hiring a counselor is the need of time which needs to be met. I myself wish to have a counselor in my college ready to listen to the students. Believe in me there are so many things that the students want to unfold for a discussion with anyone like a counselor.

Counselor has uncalculated roles to play to strengthen our society and bridges the gapes. Countries like America, Botswana, Turkey, and Finland place first preference for counselors in their educational institutes. A counselor’s seat will help the students to choose a better carrer. Here in our valley the other big problem that our students face is restricted options of counseling for choosing a career. Some days back, I met some students in a veterinary college after a prolonged course of discussion with them. I found them more interested in something other than veterinary science. What I actually want to push for is having a counselor’s seat in our institutions. But a counselor’s seat should be independent in its nature. No shades from the management or any other body. Government must pass an order subject to this interest. Civil society must push for the need to have a counselor’s seat. Believe in me this would really bring affirmative colors.

Suhail Mehraj, Alumni of Youth Assembly at UN, is a second year student of BA (Political Science) at Amar Singh College, Srinagar. He can be reached at [email protected]


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