SRINAGAR: Chief Secretary Atal Dulloo Friday examined various parts of the Rehabilitation and resettlement plan formulated for the Project Affected Families (PAFs) and also examined the utilization of the hydropower potential of the UT being carried out through various agencies.

The Chief Secretary discussed in detail the potential for power on the two significant river basins, the Chenab and the Jhelum. He took insights into the extent of work done so far on the Hydroelectric projects (HEPs) under execution on both these rivers here in the UT.

Information regarding the projects’ completion, which is expected to add roughly 3043 MW until November 2026, was distributed during this meeting. It was revealed that the four massive projects now being worked on in the Chenab basin are KiruHEP (624 MW), Kwar HEP (540 MW), Pakal Dul HEP (1000 MW), and Kirthai-II HEP (930 MW). The gathering was also briefed of minor projects, such as Lower Kalnai HEP (48 MW), New Ganderbal HEP (93 MW), Parnai HEP (38 MW), and Karnah HEP (12 MW), which will all be finished in two years.

It was also revealed that 15,000 MW of the 18000 MW hydropower potential has been detected in the J&K river basins.It was announced that further projects will be taken up for implementation in the upcoming months while they are still in the DPR and feasibility study stages.

During this meeting the Chief Secretary went into detail about the potential of power on the two important river basins of Chenab and Jhelum. Dulloo also asked about the civil and electromechanical works completed on these power projects and the time required for bringing them into operation.

He also stressed on building the capacity of the locals to let them have greater roles and responsibilities to earn their livelihoods. He told them to both furthering the basic facilities towards better and providing them the skill sets that would enhance their chances of getting gainfully employed in the market.

Dulloo further impressed on the authorities to make robust plans for spending the amounts kept for local area development by the respective companies under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He asked for substantially raising both the living standards and the quality of infrastructure in these areas.

Later on in another meeting the Chief Secretary took note of the Rehabilitation & Resettlement Plan for the 850 MW Ratle HEP. He impressed upon the officers to suitably compensate the Project Affected Families (PAFs) and those losing their shops or agricultural lands in this project. He also stressed on rehabilitating them beforehand so that none of them faces any hardships.


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