#Day33: Doctors To Observe August 17th As ‘Black Day’



Doctors blocked their one eyes to "feel what it means to lose eye sight". (KL Images: Bilal Bahadur)
During a protest demonstration on August 10, 2016, doctors blocked their one eye to “feel what it means to lose eye sight”. (KL Images: Bilal Bahadur)

To protest the killing of civilians and unabated use of pellet gun, doctors have decided to observe August 17th as “Black Day”.

A statement issued by Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) said that a meeting was held on Wednesday and it was unanimously decided that 17th August 2016 will be observed as “Black Day”.

“All the medical and non-medical staff of Health & Medical Education Department on duty will wear black bands against the killing of civilians and the unabated use of pellet guns,” DAK president Dr G M Mir said.

Moreover, Dr Mir appealed health staff to hold placards raising its voice to demand instant stop of all lethal weapons which have taken “so many innocent youths away from us and also against the harassment and assault by some forces and miscreants who have been always paving a risk and barricade in the smooth functioning of health care services being provided by medical staff under these crucial circumstances”.

“Yesterday forces entered sub-district hospital Sopore where they had harassed the medical staff on duty,” the statement said, “the forces had barged into the labour room also which led to fear among female patients admitted there.”

“Unruly scenes like these are becoming a norm during this uprising across various health institutes. Hospitals have become battlefield wherein forces and some miscreants often barge in which has created a fear psychosis in the minds of health staff. Staff at work across valley is now feeling deeply traumatised and completely unsafe while performing duties,” the statement added.

DAK has been stressing authorities now and then that Pellet gun is taking toll on the lives of Kashmiris, especially their eyes and vital organs which is extremely shameful.

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