Hajibagh, HMT

The journey of ten years wasn’t easy;
Because the times weren’t never easy.
In the middle of Summer,it was felt freezy;
And the palms of your people were always greasy.
You started to do for the state of Jammu & Kashmir;
Because the intoxication of politics is at par with a beer.
Your job was the job of a seer;
As there was no one who could be near.
You represent the true aspirations of us;
Because we are left alone in this politics and how to board a bus.
Everyday brings to you with a lot of stress;
And our journalism is in a total mess.
Arshad Malik is reminded by me;
Because his contribution wasn’t only for a fee.
He was the true champion of a journalism tree;
And his contributions made us something free.
Shujaat Bukhari is also alive;
Because in the river of blood, he had to dive.
Had he brought any strife?
Then why did not you kill him by not the blunt knife.
In the press colony, the office of Kashmir Life is nice;
Because you aren’t satisfied until you look it at the thrice.
If you enter into the office, you are welcomed with mangoes in a slice;
And in the mid summer , you are given hot ice.
All your issues are stored and distributed;
Because your officials are not corrupted.
In the case of journalism, what is to be humiliated;
As here everything seems to be fitted.
Kashmir Life brings happiness to me on Sunday & Monday;
Because I look it at from the bay.
You also Cover the topics related to a gay;
And I accept your whole work as a bright ray.
Rate per magazine is totally good;
And it can give you a good food.
Please next time,tell us about Robin Hood;
And please don’t change your mood.
I want to be your regular reader.
I like to be a feeding reader.


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