Saima Rashid

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svap2As soon as I closed my eyes after making up my bed, I was counting up my achievements. And suddenly all faults appear mocking. Perhaps in that dead night, I was drowning deep into self detailing. Almost no idea, I will be dead at next moment. Soon, Allah will take my soul to the firmament.

December was in no mood to cut down its biting chill. Somewhere, I thought, my dear pal must be crawling inside a blanket to escape freezing assault. She is a weird creature. I told her last time: “Put up some weight.” Slim stick like her is likely to become a cold casualty. Last time, her goose bumps were terrified. “Idiot,” I retorted her when she shivered in a moving bus. She gave me a cold stare and the message couldn’t have been so direct.

Anyways, the pitch in cold is only touching new extremes. Meanwhile, I am inching closer to my Kangri. It seems only savior at the moment. My granny was right when she said once: “Kangri is indeed a bliss.”

Slowly I was sliding under the deep blanket of slumber. And soon I was in new world, where souls have free run. I found myself at peace. No orders to follow, no assignments to work on, and no egos to clash with. Such places don’t exist in our world. I found it myth that soul comes out to wander. I could see purpose and direction in them. I was accompanied by some live and dead souls. Souls cannot be called dead, they have got eternal roles.

imagesI was muddled, how dead are supposed to be alive. Maybe after death, they have an eternal survive. Dream run was about to come to an end. The time for dawn prayers had arrived. I found it hard to open my eyes, even my body resisted. I was alive, in fact, dead too. Why on this earth my body resisted to move.

I was getting up, but in reality I did not. To come out of bed, I struggled a lot. I recited some Quranic verses to come out of this trouble. Recited again and again even my words did rumble. And to my delight, I felt my soul moved from head to toe. It gave my body a hard and terrible blow. Mum had told me: “You turn dead while sleeping.” Nindir che mout was echoing.

I considered it myth, but my experience made it a fact. Live pure and honest, resounded in my mind. Maybe you won’t get up next morning. I was blessed with soul again due to Quranic verses. Kneel down before Allah to confess your guilt and lapses, I thought.

In my childhood at local seminary, my teacher had frightened me by saying: “Be prepared for death, it can knock up on any day.” The realization of that lesson took time to sink in, but today all inhibitions of mind melted away. “You won’t get time even for a word to say,” he used to say.

Dreams are actually encounters of live and dead ones. You get warnings and signals, be careful hence.

Dead and live souls meet at sky in presence of Allah. Keep reciting at every moment la illaha il allah. Verses of the holy Quran may come in your rescue, not materialistic wealth. This colorful world is just a dream nothing in reality.

You may get good as well as bad dreams too. Good when pleased and bad when Allah is upset with you. Dreams and reveries cannot be called the same. Reveries are thoughts and dream is the Allah’s world.

(Saima Rashid, is an undergraduate student of mass communication and multimedia production at Govt college for women MA Road Sgr)


  1. Absolutely remarkable lines….
    As eternal feelings are the most difficult ever to describe but u wid ua soft nature have done nicely…i can feel every bit of the story….
    Seemingly enless feelings…
    May god give u all his blessings


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