SRINAGAR: Railway authorities suspended six employees on Monday following significant negligence, as a driverless freight train journeyed 75 km from Kathua to Unchi Bassi near Dasuya in Hoshiarpur on Sunday morning.

Quoting Divisional Railway Manager, Ferozepur, Sanjay Sahu, The Tribune reported that six employees, Station Master, Kathua, pointsman, loco pilot, assistant loco pilot, traffic inspector and loco inspector, have been placed under suspension.

“If the inquiry points to negligence of other employees too, more employees will face the music”, he said.

He dismissed certain assumptions being made over the likely causes. “The engine of the train was shut. The incident happened as it was time for change of crew. It was not that anyone had gone for a tea break as was being said.”

Sahu, who was alerted at 5 am on Monday while managing the control room, stated, “Upon receiving the alert, we immediately addressed all technical aspects, including gradient and point crossings. We were also prepared for potential derailment, if necessary, by cutting off power to the electric lines.”

The authorities applied sand on the rails to slow down the train, the newspaper reported.


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