Educated Youth Should Join Politics: Sajad Lone

KL Report


Separatist turned mainstream politician, Sajad Lone has said that the key to pulling Kashmir out of the current mess of favoritism, mis-governance and corruption lies in young, educated and well-meaning youth joining politics. “The state has been suffocated both politically and economically by traditional politicians who are heavily invested in the status quo when it comes to the question of making drastic, systemic changes. We strongly believe that a change of guard between traditional politicians in the state assembly wouldn’t amount to much unless the goal is to change the system as a whole. And that goal is best understood and valued by educated youngsters who face enormous adversities in their lives due to a defunct and corrupt political system,” he said.

The People’s Conference chairman has said that the youth of Kashmir are confident and passionate about bringing about a change in their state and this passion is best served in sincere, pro-people politics. “Politics is no doubt seen with cynicism and skepticism by a lot of educated people, especially in urban areas. However, politics is an indispensable and unparalleled tool to change what we find unacceptable in our society or state,” he said.

While stating that Peoples’ Conference is a party that has reposed faith in educated young leaders, Sajad Lone added that his party respects not just the passion of Kashmir’s youth but also its disgruntlement with the political system. “We are foraying a path towards change out of the same disgruntlement with traditional politics and can relate to the simmering discontent amongst the youth of this state due to rising corruption, nepotism and selective governance.”


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