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Abdul Aziz Wani

With J&K possessing unfortunate distinction of two capital cities, the insane losses incurred from it are huge. Among other sectors, the hit that field of education receives due to Darbar move is most agonizing. It’s not just the state of education system that pains, but the indifference of the politicians and administrative officers at the helm of affairs.

Most often schools in Kashmir do not restart class work on stipulated March 1 as winter vacations get extended. What causes the extension of winter vacations in Kashmir?

There is a notion that vacations get extended because families of Kashmiri bureaucrats in Jammu do not want the comforts, they get in Jammu from state exchequer and good weather, to end soon.

Hence the government extends the winter vacations in Kashmir fulfilling the wishes of elites of the society.

Using excuse of bad weather as a reason for extension denies children in Kashmir right to be in schools. If tuitions in harsh winters can happen smoothly, so can schools.

Fortunately, for Kashmir this winter did not culminate into extension of winter vacations. This renascence proved the fact that it’s not the bad weather but the administration which determines when schools should open.  When the Director School Education Dr Shah Faesal was determined, even the weather supported the cause.

On one hand, we were lucky to see no extended winter vacation; on the other hand, bad luck continued to follow the education sector.

With politics as synonym to all evil deeds, how sickening it is to see a teacher, yes a teacher is making use of noble profession to embark on his political career. Abdul Qayoom Wani calls himself a teacher but doesn’t have an iota of understanding what it means to be a teacher. He has caused serious damage to the department of education with his vehemence.

Since a teacher has no political and administrative power to exercise and make decisions per se, he warrants huge respect for the fact that he chooses to serve society.

However, Wani warrants legal action for not understanding the nobility of his profession.

He is taking the undue advantage of his position in teachers’ welfare forum to make his political career secure. Some political parties, who patronize him, will get benefit of having a lobby within teachers.

While both sides of problem should be taken into consideration, Wani weakens his cause due to his anti-student past. He has not been found in classroom and it is a serious crime.

Director School Education’s decision to send Wani back to his original duty place has been highly praised.

The society will only respect teachers if they perform this noble profession the way it ought to be.

J&K’s education system is in shambles because of some teachers and officials who have vested interests.

The teacher’s forum has also made education department their own property. The leaders of the forum always manage postings of their choice. The president receives salary for imparting the education to the studentsand not for being posted at a school of his choice. If the same politics in education sector continues, we can only imagine what students will learn in such an atmosphere.


(A lawyer, Abdul Aziz Wani practices law in J&K High Court.)

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