Engineer Rashid decries BJP demand of abolishing two-flag system in Jammu & Kashmir


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Awami Ittihaad Party President and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid Tuesday castigated the demand to abolish the two-flag system in Jammu and Kashmir which was raised in Rajya Sabha by Senior BJP member. The demand came through a special mention from Tarun Vijay who also insisted that the one-flag system was needed to maintain the unity and integrity of the country.

While speaking to AIP Workers at Langate, Engineer Rashid stated, “It is matter of great misfortune the manner in which BJP members by advocating revocation of Special Status of Jammu & Kashmir are brazenly violating all the internal and international agreements made by India with reference to Kashmir. Indian leaders who day in and day out make oaths of Indian Constitution are actually its biggest violators of Indian Constitution by calling for abrogation of article 370 and separate flag.  The leaders who yesterday lauded Shayama Prasad Mukharjee for getting the Prime Minister and Sadr-i-Riysat and Permit System scrapped need to be asked that if the accession of Jammu & Kashmir with India was made on these very paradigms isn’t  now accession null and void. Communal elements like Tarun Vijay, Subramaniam Swamy need to bear in mind that in the lust of power they cannot muzzle people of Kashmir and it is not in anybody’s interest. The likes of Tarun Vijay need to keep it in mind that all people of Kashmir will rise above their differences and defend their flag at the cost of their lives and Delhi will have to come forward soon to settle Kashmir Dispute meaningfully.”

Engineer Rashid observed, “world history bears testimony to the fact that no nation can be muzzled by oppression or lust of power- Independence of India so called integral part of British empire, Independence of Pakistan so called integral part of India, Independence of Bangladesh so called integral part of Pakistan bear testimony to this veracity.”

Engineer Rashid also strongly condemned the Indian TV channels for hurting the honour of Muslim Scholars, Muslim Personal Law Board and Dar-Ul-Aloom Deobond via their hateful programmes. “All the hate programmes directed towards sensibilities of Muslims just signal one reality that India is fast becoming a communal Hindu State. Muslim scholars should come up with firm programmes to tackle these fascist designs,” added Engineer Rashid.


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