Fate of NYC volunteers lies with PM: Taj

KL Report


While replying to the question about the fate of NYC volunteers, minister for Youth Services and Sports, Taj Mohindin informed the house that the final call on the fate of NYC members lies with the prime minister of India.

“It was a central project initiated in 2010 to engage 8000 youth of state for the period of two years,” Taj said. “After two years, another 8000 youth were scheduled to engage as NYC volunteers.”

The minister said that he had proposed to central authorities that instead of engaging new volunteers, the time period of earlier volunteers should be extended. “But I was informed that the final call rests with the prime minister.”

Taj further informed the house that NYC volunteers had given written affidavit before joining that their service will remain in order for the period of only two years only.

Pertinently, NYC volunteers are protesting after they were relieved from their services. They want that their term should be extended.


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