Food Act: ‘Despite Pressure from Congress, I didn’t Allow its Implementation,’ says Omar



National Conference in Shangus Islamabad

Former Chief Minister of J&K and National Conference Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Thursday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for “robbing people of the right to bare minimum ration requirement by irresponsibly implementing” the National Food Security Act in the State.

Addressing a workers’ convention at Shangus in South Kashmir today, Omar Abdullah said spontaneous protests across the length and breadth of the State have become a regular feature ever since Mufti Mohammad Sayeed took over as the Chief Minister, a party statement said this evening.

“I didn’t allow the implementation of the National Food Security Act in the State despite recurring pressure from our then alliance partner, the Congress Party because I knew the Act was against the interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. I said I won’t allow the implementation of this Act in J&K until I was convinced it would benefit my people. When Mufti Sahab took over as the Chief Minister after his sell-out to the BJP he patted himself on the back about the implementation of the NFSA and his Ministers even went to the extent of saying that this was the biggest miracle of the PDP-BJP Government. Today people are out on the roads in every nook and corner of the State and now Mufti Sahab’s Minister says that this was a decision taken by the previous Government – which is a brazen lie. The Government should decide if they want to lie and shift blame or if they want to pat themselves on the back about this Act. The state of chaos and confusion in the State Government is unprecedented,” Omar Abdullah said.

Addressing party workers, Omar Abdullah said all political promises made by the PDP-BJP Government stand exposed as lies as PDP remains completely muted on the whereabouts of its pre-election slogans and demands. “After seeking votes against the BJP during the elections Mufti Sahab went to embrace the BJP and said he was doing so for the benefit of the State and its people. We were given a fancy ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ where it was promise that Mufti Sahab would bring back the power projects, get AFSPA revoked, make New Delhi talk to the Separatists and get New Delhi to open additional trade and travel routes along the LoC. What happened to those promises Mufti Sahab? Today there is no talk of AFSPA revocation. Where are Mehbooba Mufti’s placards and protests on AFSPA today? It’s astonishing how PDP has changed its entire political persona and ideology to remain in power with the BJP,” Omar Abdullah added.

“During the Press Interaction after the opening of the Secretariat, Mufti Sahab himself said that he couldn’t convince the Prime Minister on vital issues as the Chief Minister. OK Mufti Sahab, we won’t seek answers from you on those things that are in the hands of New Delhi and the Prime Minister but at least do justice to your own basic duties as the Chief Minister of this State. You have increased power tariffs and bills while decreasing the power supply. Electricity is nowhere to be seen – entire localities are plunged into long phases of darkness while the Chief Minister is either seen in Gulmarg or Pahalgam or in the company of a few business houses who he has bent rules for,” the National Conference Working President said.

“Mufti Sahab is either in Gulmarg or Pahalgam or sipping tea with the rich and the business elite. Rules are being bent for crony capitalists while the common man is suffering without his woes being heard by the Government. Despite the State of wanton mis-governance and maladministration in the State, the Chief Minister is either busy in Gulmarg or Pahalgam or in photo-opportunities”, Omar Abdullah said.


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