SRINAGAR: A woman from Srinagar has changed her counsel with the hope of obtaining speedy justice and proving that an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer, Sudhanshu Pandey, is the biological father of her daughter. According to the woman, Pandey married her and had a daughter with her, but later abandoned them.

After hearing the counsel for the victim, Advocate Mir Naveed Gul, the Court of Second Additional Munsiff in Srinagar issued fresh directions to defendant Sudhanshu Pandey to appear in person for recording of the statement. The court directed Pandey to appear in person and file in writing whether he consents to a DNA test if the court orders one to check whether the girl born from the victim is his biological child or not.

The woman claims that Pandey, who was posted as Finance Secretary in the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, developed a relationship with her in Srinagar in 2010. Pandey then converted to Islam and married the woman in May 2010. Their daughter was born on April 12, 2011. However, a few months later, in October 2012, Pandey was transferred to New Delhi and he left the woman and their child in Srinagar.

Pandey refuted all the allegations and denied marrying the woman. He responded in court by stating that the allegations made in the petition are false and that he had not married the woman. He also mentioned that the woman had entered into another wedlock on August 1, 2010, which ended in divorce in October 2010, and the minor was a child from her first marriage.

The parties presented conflicting birth certificates and medical records of the child, with two different names listed as the father. The high court had ordered the finalization of the parentage suit before passing any order for maintenance.

Advocate Mir said, “The court has issued these directions afresh as Sudhanshu Pandey has served at various posts in J&K, including the rank of Commissioner Secretary.” He added that he was approached by the victim because she believes that the proceedings were delayed and she wants speedy delivery of justice. (KDC)


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